Conference in Las Vegas

It has been a bit quiet around here. Greg got a bright idea to start an internet based business so we have been knee-deep in research, software, Facebook groups, and more. Since moving into the internet marketing space, I haven’t had much time to devote to blogging here. A few months ago, we went to a business conference in Las Vegas. I certainly had no intention on buying anything. Instead I was there to network with other business owners. Greg, on the other hand, had some ulterior motives.

funnel hacking live
Us in Vegas at Funnel Hacking Live

You see, he had been following a few online “gurus” and had heard about an internet marketing system called ClickFunnels. I had never heard of it but he was on the hunt to find someone who was a user of the software and speak to them in person at the conference. Now, I had no knowledge of this before we booked the conference trip and I was quite annoyed when I found out. However, it seems like it was for the best. Greg found a system that would help us grow our “traditional” offline business and help us scale my online ventures as well. He found it through an online review of ClickFunnels.

Seeing as neither of us has much experience in online marketing, I realized we needed something that would help guide us from novice to pro in as little time (and with as little money) as possible. I become comfortable with using ClickFunnels because, I admit, Greg “sold” me on it. This guy Mike from Brand The Boss had talked it up to him and made it sound like the best internet marketing system in the world. I figured they were probably exaggerating, but if he trusted it, I figured we should go with it. Besides, if it did half as much as the person said it did, then I was game to try it out.

The first time I used the system I was super confused. Again, I’m not that tech savvy so it should not come as a surprise that it was hard for me to jump in and understand it from the first try. The one good thing about the system is there is a community that helps you understand how to use the software. I had a lot of questions and I found that it was easy to get help to troubleshoot most of them. Greg had a much easier time using ClickFunnels and I was impressed by how quickly he created a sales funnel and got our business online and making money. We are not rolling in the dough with internet sales, but so far, so good. I cannot complain at the progress we have made.

Over the last few months, I’ve even gotten in on the funnel building fun. Even though it started off rough for me, ClickFunnels has been easy to follow and I have even built a few landing pages with the software. I am by no means a web designer so the fact that I was able to design a landing page that is decent is a testament to the software, not my design skills. I will be sure to keep you all posted on the progress of this latest internet venture. At least Greg isn’t backing into garage doors anymore.

Sunday Fun Day or was it?

home repairThere is little that can destroy plans for a relaxing Saturday and Sunday quite like discovering you need to do home maintenance. And when I say “need to”, I can guarantee it was essential. My relatives were coming to my house for an lengthy stay and my hot water heater was finished. Done. Finite. Also, my garage door needed to be mended. The one thing I was not prepared for was learning that we needed to have an air quality examination as well. How does that happen? Well, it was my idea. Recently my niece was found to have asthma. Where are the chances they would find this out a few days before their visit? I was my intention to ensure that she wouldn’t be exposed to the common problems homes have in hot, muggy temperatures. Namely mold. Asthma flourishes in specific circumstances and mold is big cause. Because I had asthma as a kid, I know how miserable it can be when it flares up. Surely, I wanted to make certain that she didn’t have to tangle with any triggered symptoms. Rather quickly, however, we recognized that mold was not the sole thing I had to be worried about.

Granted, I have never been one to pay close attention to those foolish commercials about old structures causing mesothelioma from law offices that seem like unethical attorneys, at best, and charlatans at worst. In that moment, though, when faced at the prospect of hiring a mold inspector, I wish I had. I thumbed through the yellow pages (well, the Internet, but still…) to find someone I figured was reputable. When the mold removal specialist came to inspect my house, he discussed doing assessments for asbestos as well. Oh how I wished I had spent a time paying attention to those silly commercials or at least had my husband around. He was way on business, but as a general contractor, he sure would have come in handy and definitely has more knowledge of these kinds of things than I do. I am a sales rep and apart from partnering with these certified asbestos removal inspectors to generate leads through a digital marketing strategy, I could not tell anyone the first thing about the business.

There are assessments used to figure out if a home or other building has hazardous asbestos, much the same way one would test for mold. If the chemical is discovered, there is an entire method designed to remove it. Luckily, we did not need to go that route as my place was safe and sound. My home got a clean bill of health: no mold and no asbestos. It was not all rosy news though. In the meantime, there were still some complications with the water heater and garage door. The final verdict? Well, it turned out that the water heater was broken but it was a simple and cheap remedy. Instead of being switched out, we had a specialist come out and service it. That, my husband was able to determine over the phone. Quick and effortless. The garage though? That was a whole different story.

On his way to his business trip, my husband unintentionally backed into the garage door. How does that happen? In his haste to get away from his in-laws, I’m sure. As this happened early in the day, he was not intoxicated and he has not started any new medications. Simply, it was a simple case of setting the car in reverse when he intended to put it in drive. Again, I say in jest that his haste to get away …

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Limousine Wedding Ride

We got invited to be in our friend’s wedding last year and it was a blast. Because Greg and I have been married for a few years now, we have no clue how much it costs to host a wedding. After the festivities died down, we took our newly married friends to dinner. That is when we learned the crazy truth about wedding costs. Everything from the flowers to the centerpieces were hundreds of dollars on their own. Altogether, my friends spent a pretty penny on their big day. There was one thing I thought would be really expensive that wasn’t: the limo.

I figured my friends would have to budget something crazy for an all-day limo rental. If you had asked me about limo rental costs prior to talking with my friends, I would have quoted you a price anywhere from $1500 to $2500. Crazy, right?! I honestly thought renting a limo cost that much. While it certainly can run you a good amount for a specialty limo rental for the day, my figure was way wedding ride

For the best st. louis limo service, you do not have to break the bank to a luxury rental at an affordable price. What you pay will depend on factors like the type of vehicle you want and the number of vehicles you will need for your event. Typically, most limo companies require a minimum of three hours for a rental.  If you request pick-up and drop-off service, that will be factored into your rental time (so time your needs accordingly). Some limo companies will not offer curbside service, although many do.  

So my friends told me they could choose from wedding packages to make their rentals even more affordable. Also, they let me know that the company they went with ( had all-day packages that started ranged from $250 – $500 total for 3 hours of service. The range accounted for the type of vehicle requested. Of course, high-end or exotic limo rentals are at the higher end of that range. For example, a standard 8-passenger stretch limousine would cost you about $250-$350 for three hours. However, a high-end, luxury vehicle like a Stretch Hummer would set you back $500-$1,000 for a 3 hour rental time frame. Renting that all day would likely reach the numbers I originally quoted, although the company they choose had great wedding deals and were reasonable with price.

Another thing that tripped me out was how far in advance my friends has to book a limo for their big day. My friend Alison told me that her and Brian put the down payment on their limo 6 to 9 months before their wedding date. What?! However, when you think about it, it makes sense. You wouldn’t wait until a few weeks from your wedding day to find the flowers or hire a cake designer for your big day. So, securing a limo months out is in keeping with traditional wedding planning.

We all fit in the limo and had a great time. There were about 12 of us total and we all fit into the limo without issue. Alison told me that they requested a limo that would hold 14-16 people and I wondered why. Her answer was brilliant. Even though a vehicle might be billed as a “10 – passenger” limo, when you talk 10 adults dressed in formal attire and big dresses, the space suddenly becomes a lot smaller. Giving your guests more rather than less room is the way to go.

It was great seeing the happy couple and

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Hospice Care in Atlanta

Unlike some daughter’s-in-law, I enjoyed my mother-in-law. We had a lot of hobbies and personal interests in common and we got along pretty much from day one. So it was just as hard for me and it was for my husband Frank when we had to make the difficult decision about hospice care for my mother-in-law (who I called mom for many years). Making the decision on whether or not to enter a family member to hospice care is something nobody has to do alone. Thankfully, we had each other and the hospice atlanta team to lean on.

We were leery about not only placing mom in an atlanta hospice care facility but in finding exactly the right place for her as well. Hospice care is not a topic of conversation over Sunday brunch or everyday conversation for that matter. We were not sure about how to really know if a place was good, not good, appropriate for her needs and so on. So we did a bit of research, took a few tours and even talked to families who had loved ones in certain facilities to get a firsthand idea of what to expect. As a result, we found Hospice Care Atlanta has years of experience helping patients and their families during a difficult and stressful time. They even had staff to assist with special circumstances and certain high-risk illnesses that can sometimes make the hospice care decision that much tougher.


We found out there were many things that could sway our decision on the right place for mom. Frank and I were so grateful that the facility we chose offered a thorough assessment of mom’s medical issues. They even took the time to ask us about our wishes for her care and what she would have wanted as well. That is something that struck me in such a great way. They not only treated Frank and me like we mattered, but they treated mom as a person with wants and needs as well. She was not just someone else they had to look after. She was mom to us and “mom Doris” to them as well.  The decision to place your family member or friend in hospice care requires honesty, compassion and open communication between everyone involved. Also, it is crucial to remember that the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are now the responsibility of everyone involved as well.


Some of my friends have had to make similar decision for family members over the years and I am happy to offer the advice. If you are trying to determine whether or not hospice care is right for your family member, consider the following.


  • Does your family member have a life-limiting illness?
  • Are they frequently in pain and require medication that is best dispensed by a professional?
  • Are they in and out of the hospital for treatment or overnight stays?
  • Are daily tasks and responsibilities too much for them to handle alone?
  • Have they asked for the benefit of hospice care or assistance?


Making the choice isn’t easy, but it is a lot less stressful with the right team by your side. For us, Hospice Care Atlanta was that team.