Conference in Las Vegas

It has been a bit quiet around here. Greg got a bright idea to start an internet based business so we have been knee-deep in research, software, Facebook groups, and more. Since moving into the internet marketing space, I haven’t had much time to devote to blogging here. A few months ago, we went to a business conference in Las Vegas. I certainly had no intention on buying anything. Instead I was there to network with other business owners. Greg, on the other hand, had some ulterior motives.

funnel hacking live
Us in Vegas at Funnel Hacking Live

You see, he had been following a few online “gurus” and had heard about an internet marketing system called ClickFunnels. I had never heard of it but he was on the hunt to find someone who was a user of the software and speak to them in person at the conference. Now, I had no knowledge of this before we booked the conference trip and I was quite annoyed when I found out. However, it seems like it was for the best. Greg found a system that would help us grow our “traditional” offline business and help us scale my online ventures as well. He found it through an online review of ClickFunnels.

Seeing as neither of us has much experience in online marketing, I realized we needed something that would help guide us from novice to pro in as little time (and with as little money) as possible. I become comfortable with using ClickFunnels because, I admit, Greg “sold” me on it. This guy Mike from Brand The Boss had talked it up to him and made it sound like the best internet marketing system in the world. I figured they were probably exaggerating, but if he trusted it, I figured we should go with it. Besides, if it did half as much as the person said it did, then I was game to try it out.

The first time I used the system I was super confused. Again, I’m not that tech savvy so it should not come as a surprise that it was hard for me to jump in and understand it from the first try. The one good thing about the system is there is a community that helps you understand how to use the software. I had a lot of questions and I found that it was easy to get help to troubleshoot most of them. Greg had a much easier time using ClickFunnels and I was impressed by how quickly he created a sales funnel and got our business online and making money. We are not rolling in the dough with internet sales, but so far, so good. I cannot complain at the progress we have made.

Over the last few months, I’ve even gotten in on the funnel building fun. Even though it started off rough for me, ClickFunnels has been easy to follow and I have even built a few landing pages with the software. I am by no means a web designer so the fact that I was able to design a landing page that is decent is a testament to the software, not my design skills. I will be sure to keep you all posted on the progress of this latest internet venture. At least Greg isn’t backing into garage doors anymore.