Hospice Care in Atlanta

Unlike some daughter’s-in-law, I enjoyed my mother-in-law. We had a lot of hobbies and personal interests in common and we got along pretty much from day one. So it was just as hard for me and it was for my husband Frank when we had to make the difficult decision about hospice care for my mother-in-law (who I called mom for many years). Making the decision on whether or not to enter a family member to hospice care is something nobody has to do alone. Thankfully, we had each other and the hospice atlanta team to lean on.

We were leery about not only placing mom in an atlanta hospice care facility but in finding exactly the right place for her as well. Hospice care is not a topic of conversation over Sunday brunch or everyday conversation for that matter. We were not sure about how to really know if a place was good, not good, appropriate for her needs and so on. So we did a bit of research, took a few tours and even talked to families who had loved ones in certain facilities to get a firsthand idea of what to expect. As a result, we found Hospice Care Atlanta has years of experience helping patients and their families during a difficult and stressful time. They even had staff to assist with special circumstances and certain high-risk illnesses that can sometimes make the hospice care decision that much tougher.


We found out there were many things that could sway our decision on the right place for mom. Frank and I were so grateful that the facility we chose offered a thorough assessment of mom’s medical issues. They even took the time to ask us about our wishes for her care and what she would have wanted as well. That is something that struck me in such a great way. They not only treated Frank and me like we mattered, but they treated mom as a person with wants and needs as well. She was not just someone else they had to look after. She was mom to us and “mom Doris” to them as well.  The decision to place your family member or friend in hospice care requires honesty, compassion and open communication between everyone involved. Also, it is crucial to remember that the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are now the responsibility of everyone involved as well.


Some of my friends have had to make similar decision for family members over the years and I am happy to offer the advice. If you are trying to determine whether or not hospice care is right for your family member, consider the following.


  • Does your family member have a life-limiting illness?
  • Are they frequently in pain and require medication that is best dispensed by a professional?
  • Are they in and out of the hospital for treatment or overnight stays?
  • Are daily tasks and responsibilities too much for them to handle alone?
  • Have they asked for the benefit of hospice care or assistance?


Making the choice isn’t easy, but it is a lot less stressful with the right team by your side. For us, Hospice Care Atlanta was that team.