Limousine Wedding Ride

We got invited to be in our friend’s wedding last year and it was a blast. Because Greg and I have been married for a few years now, we have no clue how much it costs to host a wedding. After the festivities died down, we took our newly married friends to dinner. That is when we learned the crazy truth about wedding costs. Everything from the flowers to the centerpieces were hundreds of dollars on their own. Altogether, my friends spent a pretty penny on their big day. There was one thing I thought would be really expensive that wasn’t: the limo.

I figured my friends would have to budget something crazy for an all-day limo rental. If you had asked me about limo rental costs prior to talking with my friends, I would have quoted you a price anywhere from $1500 to $2500. Crazy, right?! I honestly thought renting a limo cost that much. While it certainly can run you a good amount for a specialty limo rental for the day, my figure was way wedding ride

For the best st. louis limo service, you do not have to break the bank to a luxury rental at an affordable price. What you pay will depend on factors like the type of vehicle you want and the number of vehicles you will need for your event. Typically, most limo companies require a minimum of three hours for a rental.  If you request pick-up and drop-off service, that will be factored into your rental time (so time your needs accordingly). Some limo companies will not offer curbside service, although many do.  

So my friends told me they could choose from wedding packages to make their rentals even more affordable. Also, they let me know that the company they went with ( had all-day packages that started ranged from $250 – $500 total for 3 hours of service. The range accounted for the type of vehicle requested. Of course, high-end or exotic limo rentals are at the higher end of that range. For example, a standard 8-passenger stretch limousine would cost you about $250-$350 for three hours. However, a high-end, luxury vehicle like a Stretch Hummer would set you back $500-$1,000 for a 3 hour rental time frame. Renting that all day would likely reach the numbers I originally quoted, although the company they choose had great wedding deals and were reasonable with price.

Another thing that tripped me out was how far in advance my friends has to book a limo for their big day. My friend Alison told me that her and Brian put the down payment on their limo 6 to 9 months before their wedding date. What?! However, when you think about it, it makes sense. You wouldn’t wait until a few weeks from your wedding day to find the flowers or hire a cake designer for your big day. So, securing a limo months out is in keeping with traditional wedding planning.

We all fit in the limo and had a great time. There were about 12 of us total and we all fit into the limo without issue. Alison told me that they requested a limo that would hold 14-16 people and I wondered why. Her answer was brilliant. Even though a vehicle might be billed as a “10 – passenger” limo, when you talk 10 adults dressed in formal attire and big dresses, the space suddenly becomes a lot smaller. Giving your guests more rather than less room is the way to go.

It was great seeing the happy couple and me and Greg couldn’t be happier for them. I know that if I ever need to rent a limo, they are the ones to contact. They got a great deal!